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Talon Winery Established 1999

Talon Winery was established in 1999 as Fayette County's first winery. In 1998, current owner Harriet Allen and her late husband purchased the land in hopes to create an agricultural experience not yet found in Lexington. With experience in law, real estate development, entertainment and family business, Harriet Allen introduced Talon Winery. In 2009, Talon Winery expanded, making it the first winery in Shelby County. Talon Winery is currently owned by Harriet Allen and her 4 generation family. 


Talon Winery sits on 300 acres of historic Kentucky farmland, Fair View Farm. The Homestead Tasting Room is located in the original farm house built in 1790, George Washington's first term as US president! The house, though rehabilitated when it was purchased in 1998, still shows most of its original structure. Guests can see the original floors, windows, walls, brick and more while browsing the gift shop and tasting Kentucky's finest wines. 
Fair View Farm was originally a cattle and tobacco farm until its purchase. Talon's well-known "Ca"Barn"et Barrel Barn" was converted from a working tobacco barn to an elegant and classy wedding and event venue that hosts close to 100 weddings and events each year.

Talon Shelbyville

Talon's beautiful Shelbyville location is home to all the Talon wines you love in Shelby County, KY. Prior to its opening in 2009, the Shelbyville tasting house was a just a normal house. The garage was converted into a unique, one-of-a-kind Barrel Vaulted ceiling tasting room where guests can enjoy Talon wines. The rest of the house was rehabilitated to create a gift shop, private event room and a large porch that overlooks a limestone rock quarry on acres of beautiful land. 
Experience Talon's past and present at Talon Winery.
Talon Wine, Life from the Vine. 


William Mullett
2017 - Present
William Mullett grew up in Fayette County, Kentucky. Will has been with Talon since 2014 as the former Assistant Winemaker. He has studied Viticulture, Agriculture and wine-making since 2010. He has research experience at the University of Kentucky and has judged numerous wine competitions. 
Will's passion for wine-making extends into his home life as he has grapevines growing in his own backyard. After years of experience working with Talon's former Winemaker, Will is excited to continue the tradition of producing the best of Talon wine.

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